Archiving in the Audit Log

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  1. The Problem: Outdated and irrelevant Audit Log Action Items
  2. The Solution: Archiving Action Items
  3. Using Archiving
  4. Accessing the Archive feature
  5. Tracking your firm’s Audit progress
  6. Viewing Archived Items
  7. Unarchiving


I. The Problem

Outdated and irrelevant Audit Log Action Items 

While the Audit Log is critical for tracking your document and data health in Aumni, some Action Items are irresolvable due to the nature or age of the investment. Stale Action Items for out-of-date documents can build up in your Audit Log and make it difficult to accurately monitor your progress in Aumni, getting in the way of operations.

II. The Solution

Archiving Action Items

Archive unwanted Action Items to focus on the investments you care about most. Once archived, an Action Item is removed from your Audit Log main view and excluded from your Portfolio’s ‘Passed Audit’ calculation. By refining your Audit Log this way, you can more confidently track your progress. You can always restore an Action Item with the Unarchive button. 

This guide will teach you archiving use cases, functionality, and workflows to maximize your Audit Log task management. 

III. The Details

Using archiving

Archiving can impact the completeness of your data in Aumni. Therefore, only specific company events or conditions should warrant archiving Action Items, such as:

  • Investment wind down
  • Insolvency
  • Acquisition
  • Age of an investment

Contact your customer success manager if you have questions regarding archiving use cases and impact. 


Accessing the Archive feature 

You can archive an outstanding Action Item from the Audit Log or via an Item Overview panel. 

Pro Tip: Always confirm with your team before archiving an item. Audit Log changes will automatically apply to your entire organization. 

From the Audit Log 

Navigate to the Audit Log and select an Action Item by hovering your mouse over the far left column. 


Once you click the checkbox, an Archive button will appear along with the number of selected items in parentheses. 


Click the Archive button to move Audit Log Items from the Action Items tab to the Archived tab. An alert will ask you to confirm the action -- click 'Continue.'


View all Archived Items by clicking the Archive Items tab in the top left. 


You can also click any Action Item in the Audit Log to open the Item Overview panel. Select ‘Archive.’ 

From your Portfolio 

Select an investment with Outstanding Action Items, and open the Item Overview panel from the Investment Summary or Overview Page. Select ‘Archive.’


Tracking your firm’s Audit progress 

Once archived, the Item will be excluded from your organization’s passed audit calculation in the Audit Log dashboard. This helps you better monitor your progress by only capturing the audit status of your current investments. 


Viewing Archived Items 

Select 'Archived Items' in your Audit Log to view a table of Items and crucial details like the date, cost and realized proceeds.


You can also view archived Action Items from your Portfolio. If all Action Items have been archived, you will see ‘Archived Audit Log Items’ appear on an Investment Summary or Company Overview.


If only a portion of Audit Log Items is archived, click ‘Outstanding Action Items’ and then select a row to learn more. 



To unarchive, simply select an investment and click ‘Unarchive.’ This will restore an Item to your Action Items. 



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