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The Capitalization page summarizes an investment's preferred equity capitalization in a simplified cap table. From this subpage, you can view a detailed breakdown of your preferred stock ownership as stated in the legal agreements, as well as a snapshot of your common stock holdings, your outstanding and reserved options, and any allocated founder-preferred shares or share warrants for the investment. 



Security categories 

Depending on the types of securities held, you'll see a varying level of detail within the cap table. 

  • Common Stock is a general security type because Aumni does not currently collect information that tells us how the Common pool is issued.
  • Preferred Stock is broken out by each equity class issued over the company's lifetime, as stated in the legal agreements.
  • Outstanding and Reserved Options is a general security type at the portfolio company level because Aumni is not privy to options issued between rounds.

    Pro tip: This is in contrast to the Options listed on an Equity Financing's Capitalization page, where we can break the section into 'authorized' and 'available for future issuance' because the option pool is restated and refreshed at each financing.
  • Founder Preferred Shares are only listed if any Founder Preferred Shares have been allocated and are stated in the legal agreements. 
  • Warrants are only listed if they have been issued and are stated in the legal agreements.   


Viewing preferred stock

Capitalization visualization 

At the top of the page, you'll see an interactive blue bar -- referred to as the capitalization visualization-- that lays out each equity class as a proportion of the fully diluted share count. 


Hover your mouse over any segment to view additional details about a specific equity class. 


By doing so, you can view a summary that lists:

  • The number of shares issued for that round
  • The percentage of shares issued for that round 
  • The proportion of the equity class to all preferred stock
  • The proportion of the equity class to the fully diluted share count

Price per share refers to the original issue price at the time of the round. 

For the preferred stock that you hold, 'My Economics' will populate, highlighting your ownership compared to the overall class summary. 


Capitalization table 

Within the table, you can view the entire preferred equity stack broken out into constituent equity classes. From here, you can compare the following:

  • How many shares were issued
  • Calculated fully-diluted percentage 
  • Your ownership



Capitalization and the Fund Filter 

Keep in mind, your ownership will automatically adjust based on the funds you've selected via the Fund Filter. 

The blue 'person' icon indicates that a selected fund holds that equity class.


If the icon turns orange, a fund that has not been selected holds that equity class.


Exporting your table

Click Export Page to download a CSV of your Aumni capitalization table. 

The export will include all rows and data points except for the aggregated row on all of your preferred. 

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