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  1. Navigating the table
  2. Understanding table icons
  3. Exporting your table
  4. Knowing limitations 


The Co-Investors page details the economic positions of your co-investors for a specific portfolio company. Information is organized in a table so you can easily view and compare co-investor activity over time. 

Navigating the table

Once you've selected an investment, click the 'Co-Investors' tab. mceclip0.png

The co-investors table is organized by fund name and includes additional details like:

  • Participating round(s)
  • Total New Money Invested
  • Shares Purchased and Converted
  • Total Shares
  • Percentage of shares issued as preferred
  • Percentage of shares issued as fully diluted (FD %)


To dive deeper into a financing, click the hyperlinked round under 'Funding Round Participation.'

For repeat investors, you'll see 'Multiple Rounds.' Expand the dropdown caret to view the constituent financings. 


'Multiple Rounds' represents the total economic position of an investor for all participating rounds, whereas the data for the constituent financings will be specific to just that round.  

Understanding table icons

The co-investors table features icons to help you identify meaningful information about a co-investor at a glance.

Screen_Shot_2023-01-09_at_5.14.32_PM.png Indicates that this is your fund and that you've selected this fund from the fund filter. 
Screen_Shot_2023-01-09_at_5.14.37_PM.png Shows that this co-investors holds a board seat. Hover over this icon to see all board seat holders. 
Screen_Shot_2023-01-09_at_5.14.43_PM.png Indicates that you share other co-investments with this fund. Hover over this icon to see a hyperlinked list of co-investments. 


Exporting your table

Click Export Page to download a CSV of your co-investors table.

The export will be itemized by latest funding round, and then organized by % of Preferred ownership with an additional column for currency code. The export will not aggregate co-investor total ownership in order to give you more round-level detail and flexible filtering. 

Knowing limitations 

Your co-investors table only reflects investors appearing on Schedules of Purchasers to Equity Financing Preferred Stock Purchase Agreement(s).

Current convertible security holders, warrant holders, debt holders, common stockholders, investors who purchased via secondary transfer, and other types of stockholders and their holdings are not reflected here. If Equity Financings are missing from this company's history, data may not be accurate.

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