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A Fund Page summarizes key economic and legal terms for a single fund position based on the respective subscription agreement and LPA. The page is split into various sections so you can easily source structured commitment and term set data without reviewing the original documents, making it easier and faster to get high-fidelity data that you care about. 

Investment Snapshot 

At the top of the page, you can view relevant details about the fund, including fund name, business entity type, management company, asset class, and vintage. 


From here, you can also access section references for specific terms, or download the underlying documents. To learn more, go to the end of this article. 


The Economics subsection provides a snapshot of the key economic terms aggregated from across the LPA, including:

  • Hard Cap 
  • GP Commitment
  • Organizational Expenses Cap
  • Use of Leverage 
  • Recycling Cap

Depending on the term, Aumni may collate multiple data points into a single, consolidated term description. In doing so, Aumni captures all the ways a term is defined within the LPA and offers one definition that's easy to understand at a glance. 

Fund Timeline

The Fund Timeline subsection highlights essential date-related terms from the LPA , including:

  • Partnership Term (Begin and End)
  • Investment Period (Begin and End)
  • Successor Fund Triggers
  • GP Option to extend term

Pro Tip: If applicable, additional context about start and end date terms will be provided, such as:

  • 'Earlier of': Only one event from a list must occur to trigger a start or end date
  • 'Later of': All events from a list must occur to trigger a start or end date

Management Fees

The Management Fees section captures fee terms and lists stepdowns in a simplified table. Instantly understand if a stepdown is present, the stepdown trigger, and management fee impact after stepdown. 


To learn more about management fees and active stepdowns, click 'Details' to open a side panel with additional context. You can always select the 'Section References' button and keyword search the original document to find out more, too. 


Distribution Waterfall 

From here, you can view waterfall distribution terms, including:

  • Return of capital form (American/European), calculated by Aumni 
  • Preferred return 
  • Catch-up
  • Carry 

Click 'Details' to open a side panel that summarizes additional economics regarding the distribution stack. 



Governance is divided into three subsections based on remedy type -- GP Removal, Suspension of Investment Period, and Termination/Dissolution of Fund, respectively -- with key persons listed above.


All subsections feature a simplified table so it's easy to understand whether there is a key person event, if there is a remedy available, and if so, voting thresholds. 




Investment Restrictions

From here, you can view a table of active and inactive investment restrictions, along with high-level information on the fund focus and geography. 


Present restrictions will be marked with a green 'check' with investment limit, exceptions, and waiver of restrictions thresholds. 

The table will always default to include the following restrictions:

  • Concentration - Single Investment
  • Concentration - Sector
  • Overall Investment Amount
  • Investment Type - Public Securities
  • Investment Type - Public Companies
  • Investment Type - Securities of Issuers Previously Invested in by the Sponsor


Any additional restrictions will be highlighted at the bottom of the table.

Viewing and downloading documents

Select Section References to pull up a dynamic, searchable PDF of the LPA. 

You can search a keyword via the 'Search Document' bar, or expand a section reference and click the hyperlinked section to tack directly to the term language. 


Download Documents

Click 'Download Documents' to download source documents. 

Documents are datestamped and organized by document type. Select the dropdown caret and click the hyperlinked PDF file to export. 




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