Common uses for the Funds Report

What is the Funds Report?

The Funds Report gives you self-serve access to all of your Aumni investment data in a single digital spreadsheet, making it easy to compare fund terms, identify trends, and rerun your saved views for faster and more informed decision-making. 

In this article, discover some key ways Aumni customers use the Funds Report to empower their existing workflows.

Seamless fund comparison for potential re-investment

With the Funds Report, institutional investors can quickly analyze their fund positions, compare vehicles within the same fund family, and track changes to terms over time. By understanding their historical activity and exposure to a particular manager, they can determine if they'd like to re-up in a fund, commit to a new vehicle, or pass on an opportunity. 

  • Start by running a Funds Report and customizing your dataset by dragging and dropping columns in your preferred order. 
  • Click 'Add Filter' from the Filter tab and set the logic. For example, if you're analyzing your fund exposure to a specific GP, select Fund Name and Is, and then click the Values dropdown to multi-select their funds to add to your report. 
  • Now you can compare historical management fees, GP commitment terms, organization expenses cap, and more across your historical portfolio and against the new vehicle. By determining if terms have changed and/or remain favorable, you can quickly decide if you'd like to re-invest with that manager. 

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