What international transaction types can Aumni accommodate?

Aumni can accommodate most non-USD transaction types, except for:

  • Membership Interest
  • Capital Contribution
  • Token Purchase
  • Transfer of Warrants/Options
  • Debt/Loan
  • LP/LLC Investment
  • Repayment/Redemption
  • Distribution
  • Conversions outside Equity Financings
  • Multi-Step Mergers/Exits
  • Bridge Investments
  • Tender Offer (common-to-common share exchange)
  • Reclassifications (Common to Common and Common to Preferred) 
  • SPACs
  • IPOs (market outside NASDAQ/NYSE)

Depending on whether an investment has underlying transactions in multiple currencies, there may be additional limitations. Please speak to your customer success team to best determine next steps.

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