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Aumni is in a unique position to anonymize, aggregate, and query the information that is extracted directly from financing agreements to provide benchmarking and trend analysis. Analytics gives you exclusive, aggregated insight and intelligence into venture capital derived exclusively from the robust Aumni database. 

You can access Analytics directly from the sidenav.

Within Analytics, you can easily tack between two sections: ‘Venture Market,’ which examines industry-level investment and term trends, and ‘Venture Portfolio,’ which aggregates critical portfolio metrics.  

Navigating the Analytics Dashboards


Hover over the Tooltip (the "i" icon) in the upper right-hand corner of any chart to get further information regarding the underlying data that the chart is comprised of.

Information from the Median Post-Money Valuation by Quarter chart.


Below the dashboard dropdown menu, you will find Filters that can further narrow the scope of the charts in the display. 

The following filters apply to Equity Financings and Syndicates in Venture Markets. Conversions can be filtered by Date and Industry Group.

  • Date 

The Date Filter consists of Past, Current, and Next Filters.

“Previous 5 Years” in the Past section provides the following options to choose from to filter your Equity Financing Charts:



Current Date allows you to filter by the following:

The Next Date Filter is similar to the Past Filter by allowing you to view upcoming Equity Financings by the following:

Additionally, you can filter by “Starting From” and “Include Today”

  • Stage

The ‘stage’ filter represents the current stage of the portfolio company. 

  • Post Money Valuation

  • Industry Group

For more information about the Industry Group Filter, go to this article.


Venture Portfolio can be filtered by Fund Name and Stage 

Data Limitations

Companies and transactions in Analytics are limited to US corporations with financings denominated in USD.

Venture Market

Venture Market displays interactive charts and visualizations of venture capital analytics, benchmarks, and trends in the context of the broader market based on Aumni’s proprietary database. With increased visibility into venture industry changes over time, you can better inform your decision-making, gain a competitive edge, and mitigate risk.


Within Venture Market, you can filter your view and zoom into the terms that matter most via the dashboard dropdown, including:

  • Equity financings 
  • Syndicates 
  • Conversions

Equity Financings

The Equity Financings dashboard gives you insight into financing terms, options, and frequency of rights over time by stages. 

  • Median Equity Financing New Money by Quarter
  • Median Estimated Pre-Money Valuation by Quarter
  • Median Post-Money Valuation by Quarter
  • Median Equity Financing New Money by Stage
  • Median Years Between Company Founding and Equity Financing Stage
  • Average Board Size and Composition by Stage
  • Median New Money as a Percent of Post-Money Valuation by Stage
  • Median Post-Money Options Authorized as a Percentage of Post-Money Fully Diluted Share Count By Stage
  • Median Post-Money Options Available for Future Issuance and Options Outstanding as a Percentage of Post-Money Fully Diluted Share Count by Stage
  • 8% or less Dividend Rate Frequency by Stage
  • Frequency of Audit Requirements included in Information Rights
  • Frequency of Redemption Rights by Stage
  • Frequency of Drag Along Provision by Stage
  • Frequency of Non-Cumulative Dividends by Stage
  • 1x Liquidation Preference Multiple Frequency by Stage
  • Frequency of Right of First Refusal and Co-Sale Agreement by Stage
  • Frequency of Broad-Based Anti-Dilution by Stage
  • Frequency of Pay-to-Play Stage


With the Syndicates dashboard, you can track syndicate-related changes and activity quarterly.

  • Median New Money Contributed by Lead Investor in Round by Quarter
  • Median Count of New Money Investors by Stage
  • Median Lead Investor Percent of Post-Money Valuation by Stage
  • Median Lead Investor Percent of Round by Stage
  • Median Major Investor Threshold as a Percentage of New Money by Stage
  • Median Major Investor Threshold as a Percentage of the Post-Money Fully Diluted Share Count by Stage


The Conversions dashboard provides insight into your convertible securities by quarter or stage. 

  • Median Convertible Valuation Cap by Quarter
  • Frequency of Convertible Discounts of 20% or Less by Stage
  • Percent of Financings with Convertible Conversions by Stage
  • Frequency of Uncapped SAFEs Issued by Quarter
  • Median Count of Convertible Conversions by Stage

Venture Portfolio

Venture Portfolio displays interactive charts and visualizations that provide you with high-level visibility into the portfolio metrics you care about, like total deployed capital and median PMV by stage, and then compare your deals and their terms to robust market benchmarks derived exclusively from the Aumni database.

From the dropdown, select a dashboard to refine your metrics, including:

  • My Portfolio
  • Portfolio Terms Benchmarking


My Portfolio

You can quickly track financial and operational metrics, like the number of investments and transactions within your funds or the amount of capital deployed, and compare your median PMV easily to market. 

Portfolio Terms Benchmarking

Compare your historical deal terms to other equity financings of the same stage and determine how you align with the market. Refine your lens of comparison and then instantly view a ‘similarity to benchmark’ metric for each of your deals.


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