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Get alerted on your organization’s portfolio activity with Notifications. Track newly added information, such as funds, investments, or new users on the platform in real-time and be alerted to maturity dates, missing documents, closing windows, and more regarding your Aumni data. Then customize your email notification frequency so you always stay up-to-date when and how you want. 

Viewing notifications

View any new notifications by clicking the Notifications tab in your lefthand side navigation panel.

You'll see a running list of any new events, from new user adds to warrant maturity dates, along with the date the alert was generated. See a list of events you'll be notified on. 

Depending on your email notification settings, you may also receive an email digest of your notification log directly in your inbox. 

Certain events, like Warrant Reaching Expiration and Subsequent Closing Window Ending, will have a multi-notification schedule to keep you aware of nearing deadlines over time. 


Archiving notifications 

To archive a notification, click the filebox icon. 

You can also select Archive All to clear your queue. 

View any archived items by selecting the Archived tab, and then unarchive any notification by selecting the icon in the top right of the alert. 

Customizing email notifications 

To enable and customize your email notifications, go to Settings → User  Email Communication Settings. 


Select your email frequency preference; your choice will automatically save. You cannot customize what events you're notified on, only the email frequency of notifications. 

Keep in mind, your email frequency settings will override any urgent alerts so check your notifications in app to avoid missing expiration or end dates. 

What am I notified on?

Convertible Securities

  • Warrant Executed
  • Convertible Note Converted
  • KISS Converted
  • Convertible Security Converted
  • SAFE Converted
  • New Convertible Secondary Sale
  • New Convertible Secondary Purchase
  • Convertible Note Purchased
  • Warrant Issued
  • KISS Purchased
  • SAFT Purchased
  • SAFE Purchased
  • Warrant Reaching Expiration
  • Convertible Note Reaching Maturity

Company and Financing-Related Events

  • New Secondary Purchase
  • New Transaction Added
  • Preferred Stock Purchased
  • Common Stock Purchased
  • Shares Converted
  • Stock Split 
  • Equity Financing Raised
  • Subsequent Closing Window Ending 
  • Subsequent Closing Window Ended 
  • Company is Winding Down

Audit Log Alerts

  • Missing Documents
  • Urgent Flag Added
  • Invalid Documents

Account Updates

  • Legal Name Change
  • Fund Removed (Fund was removed from the User)
  • User Removed from ParentOrg
  • New User Added
  • New Fund Added 

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