Which events will I be notified on?

Aumni with notify you on the following Account-, data-, and portfolio-related updates:

  • Warrant Executed
  • Convertible Note Converted
  • KISS Converted
  • Convertible Security Converted
  • New Secondary Sale
  • SAFE Converted
  • New Convertible Secondary Sale
  • New Convertible Secondary Purchase
  • Shares Converted
  • Convertible Note Purchased
  • New Secondary Purchase
  • Warrant Issued
  • KISS Purchased
  • SAFT Purchased
  • SAFE Purchased
  • New Transaction Added
  • Preferred Stock Purchased
  • Common Stock Purchased
  • Legal Name Change
  • Company is Winding Down
  • Warrant Reaching Expiration
  • Convertible Note Reaching Maturity
  • Fund Removed (Fund was removed from the User)
  • User Removed from ParentOrg
  • Missing Documents
  • Urgent Flag Added
  • Invalid Documents
  • Stock Split 
  • Equity Financing Raised
  • New User Added
  • New Fund Added 
  • Subsequent Closing Window Ending 
  • Subsequent Closing Window Ended 

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