How does Aumni classify industry categories within the Industry Group Filter?

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The industry group filter is available for all Portfolio and Market Analytics dashboards and allows you to refine charts, visualizations, and metrics by an industry focus. 

Aumni uses Crunchbase’s standard taxonomy for Industry Groups to classify all investments. Industry Groups are broader subjects that encompass multiple industries and segments to make searching simpler and results more robust. To learn more, visit this Crunchbase article


Adding a filter category

There are 47 industry group categories you can filter for, each with numerous underlying industries, outlined below. 

You can select as many industry group categories as you wish. Note that the filter uses a logical OR condition, so you cannot specifically filter for investments with multiple industry groups. 

For example, if you select Artifical Intelligence and Biotechnology from the dropdown, you’re filtering for any investments that are categorized as either Artifical Intelligence or Biotechnology.


Defining Industry Groups

Industry Group Industries
Administrative Services Archiving Service, Call Center, Collection Agency, College Recruiting, Courier Service, Debt Collections, Delivery, Document Preparation, Employee Benefits, Extermination Service, Facilities Support Services, Housekeeping Service, Human Resources, Knowledge Management, Office Administration, Packaging Services, Physical Security, Project Management, Staffing Agency, Trade Shows, Virtual Workforce
Advertising Ad Exchange, Ad Network, Ad Retargeting, Ad Server, Ad Targeting, Advertising, Advertising Platforms, Affiliate Marketing, Local Advertising, Mobile Advertising, Outdoor Advertising, SEM, Social Media Advertising, Video Advertising
Agriculture and Farming Agriculture, AgTech, Animal Feed, Aquaculture, Equestrian, Farming, Forestry, Horticulture, Hydroponics, Livestock
Apps App Discovery, Apps, Consumer Applications, Enterprise Applications, Mobile Apps, Reading Apps, Web Apps
Artificial Intelligence Artificial Intelligence, Intelligent Systems, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics
Biotechnology Bioinformatics, Biometrics, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Genetics, Life Science, Neuroscience, Quantified Self
Clothing and Apparel Fashion, Laundry and Dry-cleaning, Lingerie, Shoes
Commerce and Shopping Auctions, Classifieds, Collectibles, Consumer Reviews, Coupons, E-Commerce, E-Commerce Platforms, Flash Sale, Gift, Gift Card, Gift Exchange, Gift Registry, Group Buying, Local Shopping, Made to Order, Marketplace, Online Auctions, Personalization, Point of Sale, Price Comparison, Rental, Retail, Retail Technology, Shopping, Shopping Mall, Social Shopping, Sporting Goods, Vending and Concessions, Virtual Goods, Wholesale
Community and Lifestyle Adult, Baby, Cannabis, Children, Communities, Dating, Elderly, Family, Funerals, Humanitarian, Leisure, LGBT, Lifestyle, Men's, Online Forums, Parenting, Pet, Private Social Networking, Professional Networking, Q&A, Religion, Retirement, Sex Industry, Sex Tech, Social, Social Entrepreneurship, Teenagers, Virtual World, Wedding, Women's, Young Adults
Consumer Electronics Computer, Consumer Electronics, Drones, Electronics, Google Glass, Mobile Devices, Nintendo, Playstation, Roku, Smart Home, Wearables, Windows Phone, Xbox
Consumer Goods Beauty, Comics, Consumer Goods, Cosmetics, DIY, Drones, Eyewear, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Flowers, Furniture, Green Consumer Goods, Handmade, Jewelry, Lingerie, Shoes, Tobacco, Toys
Content and Publishing Blogging Platforms, Content Delivery Network, Content Discovery, Content Syndication, Creative Agency, DRM, EBooks, Journalism, News, Photo Editing, Photo Sharing, Photography, Printing, Publishing, Social Bookmarking, Video Editing, Video Streaming
Data and Analytics A/B Testing, Analytics, Application Performance Management, Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Bioinformatics, Biometrics, Business Intelligence, Consumer Research, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Database, Facial Recognition, Geospatial, Image Recognition, Intelligent Systems, Location Based Services, Machine Learning, Market Research, Natural Language Processing, Predictive Analytics, Product Research, Quantified Self, Speech Recognition, Test and Measurement, Text Analytics, Usability Testing
Design CAD, Consumer Research, Data Visualization, Fashion, Graphic Design, Human Computer Interaction, Industrial Design, Interior Design, Market Research, Mechanical Design, Product Design, Product Research, Usability Testing, UX Design, Web Design
Education Alumni, Charter Schools, College Recruiting, Continuing Education, Corporate Training, E-Learning, EdTech, Education, Edutainment, Higher Education, Language Learning, MOOC, Music Education, Personal Development, Primary Education, Secondary Education, Skill Assessment, STEM Education, Textbook, Training, Tutoring, Vocational Education
Energy Battery, Biofuel, Biomass Energy, Clean Energy, Electrical Distribution, Energy, Energy Efficiency, Energy Management, Energy Storage, Fossil Fuels, Fuel, Fuel Cell, Oil and Gas, Power Grid, Renewable Energy, Solar, Wind Energy
Events Concerts, Event Management, Event Promotion, Events, Nightclubs, Nightlife, Reservations, Ticketing, Wedding
Financial Services Accounting, Angel Investment, Asset Management, Auto Insurance, Banking, Bitcoin, Commercial Insurance, Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Credit, Credit Bureau, Credit Cards, Crowdfunding, Cryptocurrency, Debit Cards, Debt Collections, Finance, Financial Exchanges, Financial Services, FinTech, Fraud Detection, Funding Platform, Gift Card, Health Insurance, Hedge Funds, Impact Investing, Incubators, Insurance, InsurTech, Leasing, Lending, Life Insurance, Micro Lending, Mobile Payments, Payments, Personal Finance, Prediction Markets, Property Insurance, Real Estate Investment, Stock Exchanges, Trading Platform, Transaction Processing, Venture Capital, Virtual Currency, Wealth Management
Food and Beverage Bakery, Brewing, Cannabis, Catering, Coffee, Confectionery, Cooking, Craft Beer, Dietary Supplements, Distillery, Farmers Market, Food and Beverage, Food Delivery, Food Processing, Food Trucks, Fruit, Grocery, Nutrition, Organic Food, Recipes, Restaurants, Seafood, Snack Food, Tea, Tobacco, Wine And Spirits, Winery
Gaming Casual Games, Console Games, Contests, Fantasy Sports, Gambling, Gamification, Gaming, MMO Games, Online Games, PC Games, Serious Games, Video Games
Government and Military CivicTech, Government, GovTech, Law Enforcement, Military, National Security, Politics, Public Safety, Social Assistance
Hardware 3D Technology, Application Specific Integrated Circuit (ASIC), Augmented Reality, Cloud Infrastructure, Communication Hardware, Communications Infrastructure, Computer, Computer Vision, Consumer Electronics, Data Center, Data Center Automation, Data Storage, Drone Management, Drones, DSP, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Electronics, Embedded Systems, Field-Programmable Gate Array (FPGA), Flash Storage, Google Glass, GPS, GPU, Hardware, Industrial Design, Laser, Lighting, Mechanical Design, Mobile Devices, Network Hardware, NFC, Nintendo, Optical Communication, Playstation, Private Cloud, Retail Technology, RFID, RISC, Robotics, Roku, Satellite Communication, Semiconductor, Sensor, Sex Tech, Telecommunications, Video Conferencing, Virtual Reality, Virtualization, Wearables, Windows Phone, Wireless, Xbox
Health Care Alternative Medicine, Assisted Living, Assistive Technology, Biopharma, Cannabis, Child Care, Clinical Trials, Cosmetic Surgery, Dental, Diabetes, Dietary Supplements, Elder Care, Electronic Health Record (EHR), Emergency Medicine, Employee Benefits, Fertility, First Aid, Funerals, Genetics, Health Care, Health Diagnostics, Home Health Care, Hospital, Medical, Medical Device, mHealth, Nursing and Residential Care, Nutraceutical, Nutrition, Outpatient Care, Personal Health, Pharmaceutical, Psychology, Rehabilitation, Therapeutics, Veterinary, Wellness
Information Technology Business Information Systems, CivicTech, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Management, Cloud Security, CMS, Contact Management, CRM, Cyber Security, Data Center, Data Center Automation, Data Integration, Data Mining, Data Visualization, Document Management, E-Signature, Email, GovTech, Identity Management, Information and Communications Technology (ICT), Information Services, Information Technology, Intrusion Detection, IT Infrastructure, IT Management, Management Information Systems, Messaging, Military, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Private Cloud, Reputation, Sales Automation, Scheduling, Social CRM, Spam Filtering, Technical Support, Unified Communications, Video Chat, Video Conferencing, Virtualization, VoIP
Internet Services Cloud Computing, Cloud Data Services, Cloud Infrastructure, Cloud Management, Cloud Storage, Darknet, Domain Registrar, E-Commerce Platforms, Ediscovery, Email, Internet, Internet of Things, ISP, Location Based Services, Messaging, Music Streaming, Online Forums, Online Portals, Private Cloud, Product Search, Search Engine, SEM, Semantic Search, Semantic Web, SEO, SMS, Social Media, Social Media Management, Social Network, Unified Communications, Vertical Search, Video Chat, Video Conferencing, Visual Search, VoIP, Web Browsers, Web Hosting
Lending and Investments Angel Investment, Banking, Commercial Lending, Consumer Lending, Credit, Credit Cards, Financial Exchanges, Funding Platform, Hedge Funds, Impact Investing, Incubators, Micro Lending, Stock Exchanges, Trading Platform, Venture Capital
Manufacturing 3D Printing, Advanced Materials, Foundries, Industrial, Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Industrial Manufacturing, Machinery Manufacturing, Manufacturing, Paper Manufacturing, Plastics and Rubber Manufacturing, Textiles, Wood Processing
Media and Entertainment Advice, Animation, Art, Audio, Audiobooks, Blogging Platforms, Broadcasting, Celebrity, Concerts, Content, Content Creators, Content Discovery, Content Syndication, Creative Agency, Digital Entertainment, Digital Media, DRM, EBooks, Edutainment, Event Management, Event Promotion, Events, Film, Film Distribution, Film Production, Guides, In-Flight Entertainment, Independent Music, Internet Radio, Journalism, Media and Entertainment, Motion Capture, Music, Music Education, Music Label, Music Streaming, Music Venues, Musical Instruments, News, Nightclubs, Nightlife, Performing Arts, Photo Editing, Photo Sharing, Photography, Podcast, Printing, Publishing, Reservations, Social Media, Social News, Theatre, Ticketing, TV, TV Production, Video, Video Editing, Video on Demand, Video Streaming, Virtual World
Messaging and Telecommunications Email, Meeting Software, Messaging, SMS, Unified Communications, Video Chat, Video Conferencing, VoIP, Wired Telecommunications
Mobile Android, Google Glass, iOS, mHealth, Mobile, Mobile Apps, Mobile Devices, Mobile Payments, Windows Phone, Wireless
Music and Audio Audio, Audiobooks, Independent Music, Internet Radio, Music, Music Education, Music Label, Music Streaming, Musical Instruments, Podcast
Natural Resources Biofuel, Biomass Energy, Fossil Fuels, Mineral, Mining, Mining Technology, Natural Resources, Oil and Gas, Precious Metals, Solar, Timber, Water, Wind Energy
Navigation and Mapping Geospatial, GPS, Indoor Positioning, Location Based Services, Mapping Services, Navigation

Alumni, Association, B2B, B2C, Blockchain, Charity, Collaboration, Collaborative Consumption, Commercial, Consumer, Crowdsourcing,

Customer Service, Desktop Apps, Emerging Markets, Enterprise, Ethereum, Franchise, Freemium, Generation Y, Generation Z, Homeless Shelter, Infrastructure, Knowledge Management, LGBT

Millennials, Non Profit, Peer to Peer, Professional Services, Project Management, Real Time, Retirement, Service Industry, Sharing Economy, Small and Medium Businesses, Social Bookmarking, Social Impact, Subscription Service, Technical Support, Underserved Children, Universities

Payments Billing, Bitcoin, Credit Cards, Cryptocurrency, Debit Cards, Fraud Detection, Mobile Payments, Payments, Transaction Processing, Virtual Currency
Platforms Android, Facebook, Google, Google Glass, iOS, Linux, macOS, Nintendo, Operating Systems, Playstation, Roku, Tizen, Twitter, WebOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Xbox
Privacy and Security Cloud Security, Corrections Facilities, Cyber Security, DRM, E-Signature, Fraud Detection, Homeland Security, Identity Management, Intrusion Detection, Law Enforcement, Network Security, Penetration Testing, Physical Security, Privacy, Security
Professional Services Accounting, Business Development, Career Planning, Compliance, Consulting, Customer Service, Employment, Environmental Consulting, Field Support, Freelance, Intellectual Property, Innovation Management, Legal, Legal Tech, Management Consulting, Outsourcing, Professional Networking, Quality Assurance, Recruiting, Risk Management, Social Recruiting, Translation Service
Real Estate Architecture, Building Maintenance, Building Material, Commercial Real Estate, Construction, Coworking, Facility Management, Fast-Moving Consumer Goods, Green Building, Home and Garden, Home Decor, Home Improvement, Home Renovation, Home Services, Interior Design, Janitorial Service, Landscaping, Property Development, Property Management, Real Estate, Real Estate Investment, Rental Property, Residential, Self-Storage, Smart Building, Smart Cities, Smart Home, Timeshare, Vacation Rental
Sales and Marketing Advertising, Affiliate Marketing, App Discovery, App Marketing, Brand Marketing, Cause Marketing, Content Marketing, CRM, Digital Marketing, Digital Signage, Direct Marketing, Direct Sales, Email Marketing, Lead Generation, Lead Management, Local, Local Advertising, Local Business, Loyalty Programs, Marketing, Marketing Automation, Mobile Advertising, Multi-level Marketing, Outdoor Advertising, Personal Branding, Public Relations, Sales, Sales Automation, SEM, SEO, Social CRM, Social Media Advertising, Social Media Management, Social Media Marketing, Sponsorship, Video Advertising
Science and Engineering Advanced Materials, Aerospace, Artificial Intelligence, Bioinformatics, Biometrics, Biopharma, Biotechnology, Chemical, Chemical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Embedded Systems, Environmental Engineering, Human Computer Interaction, Industrial Automation, Industrial Engineering, Intelligent Systems, Laser, Life Science, Marine Technology, Mechanical Engineering, Nanotechnology, Neuroscience, Nuclear, Quantum Computing, Robotics, Semiconductor, Software Engineering, STEM Education
Software 3D Technology, Android, App Discovery, Application Performance Management, Apps, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Billing, Bitcoin, Browser Extensions, CAD, Cloud Computing, Cloud Management, CMS, Computer Vision, Consumer Applications, Consumer Software, Contact Management, CRM, Cryptocurrency, Data Center Automation, Data Integration, Data Storage, Data Visualization, Database, Developer APIs, Developer Platform, Developer Tools, Document Management, Drone Management, E-Learning, EdTech, Electronic Design Automation (EDA), Embedded Software, Embedded Systems, Enterprise Applications, Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Enterprise Software, Facial Recognition, File Sharing, IaaS, Image Recognition, iOS, Linux, Machine Learning, macOS, Marketing Automation, Meeting Software, Mobile Apps, Mobile Payments, MOOC, Natural Language Processing, Open Source, Operating Systems, PaaS, Predictive Analytics, Presentation Software, Presentations, Private Cloud, Productivity Tools, Product Management QR Codes, Reading Apps, Retail Technology, Robotics, SaaS, Sales Automation, Scheduling, Sex Tech, Simulation, SNS, Social CRM, Software, Software Engineering, Speech Recognition, Task Management, Text Analytics, Transaction Processing, Video Conferencing, Virtual Assistant, Virtual Currency, Virtual Desktop, Virtual Goods, Virtual Reality, Virtual World, Virtualization, Web Apps, Web Browsers, Web Development
Sports American Football, Baseball, Basketball, Boating, Cricket, Cycling, Diving, eSports, Fantasy Sports, Fitness, Golf, Hockey, Hunting, Outdoors, Racing, Recreation, Rugby, Sailing, Skiing, Soccer, Sporting Goods, Sports, Surfing, Swimming, Table Tennis, Tennis, Ultimate Frisbee, Volley Ball
Sustainability Biofuel, Biomass Energy, Clean Energy, CleanTech, Energy Efficiency, Environmental Engineering, Green Building, Green Consumer Goods, GreenTech, Natural Resources, Organic, Pollution Control, Recycling, Renewable Energy, Solar, Sustainability, Waste Management, Water Purification, Wind Energy
Transportation Air Transportation, Automotive, Autonomous Vehicles, Car Sharing, Courier Service, Delivery Service, Electric Vehicle, Ferry Service, Fleet Management, Food Delivery, Freight Service, Last Mile Transportation, Limousine Service, Logistics, Marine Transportation, Parking, Ports and Harbors, Procurement, Public Transportation, Railroad, Recreational Vehicles, Ride Sharing, Same Day Delivery, Shipping, Shipping Broker, Space Travel, Supply Chain Management, Taxi Service, Transportation, Warehousing, Water Transportation
Travel and Tourism Adventure Travel, Amusement Park and Arcade, Business Travel, Casino, Hospitality, Hotel, Museums and Historical Sites, Parks, Resorts, Timeshare, Tour Operator, Tourism, Travel, Travel Accommodations, Travel Agency, Vacation Rental
Video Animation, Broadcasting, Film, Film Distribution, Film Production, Motion Capture, TV, TV Production, Video, Video Editing, Video on Demand, Video Streaming


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