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The Equity Financing Overview page summarizes a single equity financing event for a portfolio company, surfacing round economics, closing dates, high-level capitalization, and board membership in one view. You can also tack to additional pages covering liquidation preference, economics, co-investors, and legal terms. 

Accessing Equity Financings pages 

You can access an Equity Financing page one of two ways:

  • By clicking into an Equity Financing in the Company Events section on any Investment Overview page.
  • By selecting an Equity Financing hyperlinked within the ‘Financing Name’ column of your Equity Financings Report. 

As a note, you may have access to Equity Financing rounds you did not participate in, sourced from financing documents shared with Aumni via a co-investor.

Round Snapshot

At the top of the Overview page, you can view:


  • Financing name 
  • Initial closing date 
  • Timing for any subsequent closing windows
  • Preparation date, i.e., when the event appeared in Aumni 

Round Information  

In this section, you can view the financing’s economic and legal details at a glance, including total new money for the round, shares converted, post-money valuation, option pool outstanding, and the lead investor for the round. 


Hover over Total New Money or Post Money Valuation to get an exact figure. 

Company Capitalization 

This section summarizes an equity financing’s preferred equity capitalization, common stock holdings, and option pool information in a simplified cap table.


The interactive blue bar -- referred to as the capitalization visualization-- lays out each equity class as a proportion of the fully diluted share count for that round.

Hover your mouse over any segment to view a summary of the security type and your economics. 

Within the table, you can view the entire preferred equity stack broken out into constituent classes. From here, you can compare the following:

  • How many shares were issued
  • Calculated fully-diluted percentage 
  • Your ownership

The Option Pool is broken out into Option Pool Issues and Option Pool Available for Future Issuance, as the option pool is restated and refreshed at each financing. 

The blue 'person' icon indicates that a selected fund holds that equity class.


If the icon turns orange, a fund that has not been selected holds that equity class.

Board of Directors

You can view the board of directors' information at the bottom of the page, including the lead investor for that financing. If there are any board observers, they will be listed below.

Exporting and Download Documents 

You can export all Equity Financing pages via Export Page to a single PDF.

Additionally, you can download any underlying financing documents that Aumni has summarized via the Download Document, regardless of whether you participated in the round.  



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