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The Equity Financing Liq Pref (liquidation preference) page highlights the seniority structure and economic distribution rights in the instance of a company liquidation event for a single round. Data is organized in a table and as a waterfall visualization to help you best understand the preference stack at a glance.

To access Liq Pref, go to the Company Events section of your Company Page. You can view all Equity Financing events you have participated in listed In the Company Events section.

Click on a specific event, and on the top right-hand of the screen, click Liq Pref

Preference summary 

At the top of the page, you can view the following:

  • My Total Liquidation Preference, capturing your liquidation preference payout
  • Total Liquidation Preference, capturing total liquidation preference based on the total money raised and the rights and preferences of each equity class

Preference table 

The preference table is broken up by preference and organized by equity class so you can compare term deals easily. If you have multiple preferences, they will be broken out with individual tables labeled with the preference. 

The Liq Pref table captures the following:

  • Equity class name 
  • Price-per-share (PPS)
  • Liquidation multiplier
  • Participation status 
  • Conversion ratio 
  • Your Liq Pref aggregated across your held positions
  • Aggregate Liq Pref per equity class
  • The total sum of liquidation preference

The blue person icon designates participation in an event.


Preference waterfall 

The liquidation preference waterfall, referred to as a layer cake, visualizes aggregate liquidation preference based on each equity class and its respective seniority. You can use this view to identify proportional splits within the preference stack quickly.

From the waterfall visualization, hover over any equity class segment to pull up a summary of the economic and ownership information. To learn more about liquidation preference tools and a holistic view of the preference stack, you can go to this article.

Hover over any equity class within the waterfall to view additional preference terms and details, as the preference table outlines.

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