Event Financing - Investors

View all investors participating in the selected event on the Equity Financing Investors page.

To access Investors, go to the Company Events section of your Company Page. You can view all Equity Financing events you have participated in listed In the Company Events section.

Click on a specific event, and on the top right-hand of the screen, click Investors.

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  • The Co-Investors tab on the Company Page will show all investors participating in any event for the selected PortCo.
  • This page lets you quickly view all participants' holding information for a specific round.
  • If any of your funds participated in the round, you will see a blue icon to the left of the fund name.

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  • On this page, you can review the following data points:
    • New Money Invested
    • Shares Purchased
    • Shares Converted
    • Shares Issued as FD%
    • Met Major Investor Threshold


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