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Custom Download
allows you to download all documents from your available funds into a single zip file, eliminating the need to download documents individually from Company Pages. Each zip folder is intuitively structured so it’s easy to access, catalog, and share files without spending time gathering and organizing documents. 

Accessing Custom Download

To begin, go to Documents and select Download from your screen's upper right.

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Set the Date Range from the dropdown (up to 365 days) to generate your zip file.

Your download will include all financing documents dated within the specified period, including any documents shared by your co-investors for financing rounds you didn't participate in. The total number of documents will be available after you select the date range. 

Filtering your download 

Further customize your download with document, fund, and portfolio company filters. 

From the Document Type filter, you can further refine your file export to include just:

  • SPAs
  • Charters
  • Stock splits 
  • Management Rights Letters

Aumni specifies these document types to help support audit preparation workflows. All equity financing documents will download if you leave the filter blank. 


Continue to refine your zip file by one or more funds or portfolio companies. 

Once you've selected your date range and any filters, click Generate Zip File. 

Download times and zip file processing

Depending on the size of your zip file, it may take a few minutes to back-end process before it's available for download.

Once it's processed, you'll receive an email notification that your file is ready. 

Downloading your zip file

Once you generate your zip file, it will be available for download from the Zip Files history below. You can continue to redownload past zips from this list. 

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