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  1. Viewing Audit Log Items and documents
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The Documents page lists all of the Audit Log Items and documents for a given company, organized by event or transaction. Review and resolve your Audit Log or download the documents you care about straight from a Company Page.

Viewing Audit Log Items and documents

Once you've selected an investment, click the Documents tab. 

Select an event or transaction from the lefthand table to view the underlying documents and their Audit Log review status. Available documents are hyperlinked so it's convenient to review submitted files and download PDFs. 

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All documents, regardless of their respective Audit Log review status, are listed in the righthand table so you have a complete picture of each investment in Aumni. 

To learn more about your Audit Log status, read this guide. 

Uploading missing documents

The icon will appear next to the transaction name if there are outstanding Audit Log Items. To resolve open items, click Upload Docs to submit new files for review. 

Once you upload your documents, you can then Submit For Review. Keep in mind, double-checking uploaded files can help you avoid duplicate, incomplete, or incorrect submissions that may otherwise cause Audit Log noise or impair your data fidelity. 

Don't know what to share? Read this article on what documents to provide to Aumni. 


Upon submitting documents, all Audit Log review statuses--including documents that have passed Aumni Audit--will update to Pending until our review is complete.  

Click Upload and View to access a transaction's Submission History.

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