What is LOST Docs and how can it help with document sourcing?

LOST Docs is a bespoke Aumni service where we help you track down any missing documents. We understand that it can be a hassle to manage all the back and forth of email to make sure you get the proper set of documents from the portfolio companies and/or attorneys, and LOST Docs lets us do 90% of that work for you. 

As a general overview, the LOST Docs Service consists of the following:

  • After we have done our initial document intake and provided you with access to your Audit Log, you indicate which portfolio companies you’d like us to reach out to and provide the appropriate contact information.
  • We’ll then provide a templated “Warm Intro Email” that we ask you to send to identified contacts introducing Aumni.
  • Following the “Warm intro Email” that you will send, Aumni will begin its Outreach Campaign and will provide you weekly follow-ups regarding the status.


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